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Uber Eats {Austin}

March 24, 2016

UnitDPizzeria-Hero_7750I’ve had the pleasure of working with Uber Eats in Austin the last few months in preparation for the launch of their new app that is being released to the public today! I’ve loved meeting all of the great restaurants around town that are partnering with the delivery service for fast, fresh, affordable food! If you’re in central Austin and love good food delivered in under 10 minutes, check out the new Uber Eats app! Thanks to the multitude of amazing restaurants in town that allowed me into their spaces and gave me their time! Looking forward to getting to dine with you each soon! In the meantime, enjoy this sneak peek of what’s to come!

Ms.P's_Hero7336Chango's-DelMarTacoGrilled_7473Chi'Lantro-KimchiFrieswithAvocado_7385DailyJuice-Juices_8197Jacoby's-PimentoCheese_7906Jacoby's-HERO_8014Manuel's-EnsaladaConPollo_7567Ms.P's _ChickenTenderloinTaco7265HousePizzeria-HERO_8355StilesSwitchBBQ-7820StilesSwitchBBQ-7826UnitDPizzeria-KalePizza_7740

Thanks to Austin restaurants : Jacoby’s, Unit D Pizzeria, Manueals, Changos, Ms. P’s Electric Cock, House Pizzeria, Chi’Lantro’s, Southside Flying Pizza, Stiles Switch BBQ & Daily Juice!

Hoffman Haus : Texas Hill Country Getaway

March 15, 2016

It was such a pleasure working with the Hoffman Haus team this spring! Their updated website went live yesterday with their new photography I was able to partner with them on! I couldn’t be more thrilled to see this project come to life and to have had the opportunity to work with this amazing team! Leslie and her staff have worked so hard over the last decade to create a beautiful space, environment, accommodations and getaway for travelers to the Texas Hill Country! I hope you’ll visit them next time you’re in Fredericksburg! In the meantime, enjoy some snapshots of their new website and feel free to visit it here to learn more! From spa experiences to luxury accommodations to hot meals delivered to your doorstep, it’s an experience you won’t want to miss !

Hoffman Haus 1Hoffman Haus 2Hoffman Haus 3Hoffman Haus 4Hoffman Haus 5

Zagat : 14 Most Photogenic Dishes in Dallas

September 1, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 7.59.48 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 8.00.06 PM

I’m am happy to see Zagat publish the top 14 Most Photogenic Dishes in Dallas/Fort-Worth and to be featured with Society Bakery! Thank you Zagat and as always, happy to see the wonderful Society Bakery being celebrated!!


James | Architectural Digest

August 12, 2015

I had the pleasure of working with Meredith Ellis & her team to photograph James, an interior design showroom nestled in a chic 1930’s bungalow in the heart of downtown Austin. This concept is a beautiful mixture of detail, design and daring fabrics, antiques and incredible talent. The images hit Architectural Digest’s blog yesterday and I’m thrilled to share them with you now! Enjoy this and be sure to stop by James next time you’re in Austin!

James : Claire McCormack Photography James : Claire McCormack Photography James : Claire McCormack Photography James : Claire McCormack Photography

The Second Floor Restaurant : The Westin Dallas

June 16, 2015

Thank you to The Westin Dallas’s The Second Floor Restaurant for letting me stop by a few weeks ago for a fun food photoshoot! They partnered with Travelzoo for an upcoming release of a great dinner & brunch special. Enjoy these sneak peeks of the space and food! Thank you again to the whole team of chefs and servers for your help and execution of beautiful dishes and company! Thanks! Westin Dallas CLAIRE MCCORMACK PHOTOGRAPHY-8310 Westin Dallas CLAIRE MCCORMACK PHOTOGRAPHY-8313 Westin Dallas CLAIRE MCCORMACK PHOTOGRAPHY-8424Westin Dallas CLAIRE MCCORMACK PHOTOGRAPHY-8316 Westin Dallas CLAIRE MCCORMACK PHOTOGRAPHY-8318 Westin Dallas CLAIRE MCCORMACK PHOTOGRAPHY-8462

{The Last Five Years}

February 3, 2015

Hi friends!! First of all, thank you for reading this blog and following my work all these years. To say I’m honored would be an understatement.

I started this work five years ago. I was fresh out of college with the perfect combination of courage, drive, youth and naivety. I left my job in 2009 and ventured out on my own, yet to discover what it was I really wanted to do with my skills. I had a desire to create beautiful things and meet amazing people along the way. Determined and disciplined, I spent my time efficiently working from my little townhouse in Uptown Dallas, without a clue as to what I was doing, but each day getting closer and closer to discovering it.

Along the way, I met filmmakers, artists, chefs, CEO’s, designers, directors, musicians, business leaders, storytellers, producers, editors, publicists, writers, entrepreneurs, creatives, speakers, friends, peers and dreamers.

I learned a craft.

I struggled, a lot .

I got better.

I got scared.

I grew.

I studied.

I challenged myself.

I asked questions.

I made mistakes.

I learned lessons.

And more lessons.

I was stretched.

I was humbled.

I was hungry for more.

It was the people that drew me into each project and each story. It was the stories that made me a better photographer. It was the photography that made me a better artist. It was my family and friends that made me believe in myself as an artist. And it was my clients that let me partner with them and produce beautiful things.

Along the way, I was able to create something I love. Along the way, I was able to refine my craft, skill and experience.

Throughout the years I photographed commercial work and weddings, and eventually landed in the world of food. Throughout the years I worked with clients ranging from the west coast to the east coast and everywhere in between, locally and internationally. I grew as a photographer, friend, daughter, sister and person. And along the way, I also became a wife and a mother. My business is my creativity paired with the talent of those around me. My business has shaped my life. It has come with me throughout the years and I look forward to the story that will unfold in the next 30 years. I look forward to my children growing up and peeking into this other world of mine : my creative space; my passion for beautiful food, talented people, and wonderful stories.

To my clients, my followers, my friends, thank you for letting me be a part of your story. Thank you for coming along for the ride the last five years. I hope you’ll stick around. It’s been a pleasure meeting you, working with you and hearing from you. I hope this blog continues to serves as a place to connect with you all, while keeping you up to date on the work I’m producing for my clients and myself! I always love hearing from you.

Cheers to you all. Thank you for letting me do what I love the last five years. I’m forever grateful- as a photographer, but also as a wife, a mother, a daughter and a friend. I’m a better person because of the amazing people I work with and projects I work on. Thank you. I look forward to what 2015 has in store for us and in the meantime, feel free to head over to the website to see new work posted! XO

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 11.57.43 PM

Lost Draw Cellars

November 17, 2014

 Lost Draw Cellars 2

In 2013, a Texas High Plains grape farmer, a retired oil and gas distributer, and a young civil engineer developed a partnership with a mission to open up a winery in the city limits of Fredericksburg. And this spring I had the great pleasure of partnering alongside them for their photography as they launched their company Lost Draw Cellars. Their vision was to make Lost Draw Cellars a place where locals, tourist, wine enthusiasts, and wine connoisseurs could come together to enjoy good company, an inviting atmosphere, and most importantly, a quality Texas wine. Though the backgrounds and history of each family vary in many different ways, the trio has very unique ties that brought them together to pursue a shared passion for the Texas wine industry.

Here’s there story …

Andy Timmons is revered across the state for his grape growing abilities and is considered one of the pioneers for the exponential growth of vineyards in Texas over the past decade. Andy is a multi-generation farmer from West Texas. Prior to planting grapes, his primary focus was cotton and peanuts. Like many farmers before him, Andy was constantly trying to find ways to grow new crops for the ever-evolving consumer market. Vineyards in the High Plains of Texas weren’t uncommon in the 90’s and early 2000’s. However, many economic and weather related issues inhibited the growth of the wine grape industry in our state. During this time, the common theme amongst High Plains farmers was that the risk of growing grapes outweighed the gains. Knowing all of the risks and despite many fellow farmer’s warnings, Andy decided to research the possibilities and potential upside of adding a third cash crop to his fields.

Around this time, Andrew Sides was a second year engineering student at Texas Tech University. Being Andy’s nephew, Andrew had worked at the family farm throughout high school and in to college. Growing up in a tight knit family, the two had a very special bond. Andrew is always looking for a new opportunity and Andy’s enthusiasm in exploring a new farming venture certainly sparked his interest. In 2006, Andrew helped Andy plant the first five acres of grapes on a piece of family property that is now known as Lost Draw Vineyards. Each year, Andy continued to plant different varieties and started to connect with Texas wineries across the state. Through innovative growing techniques, and learning from experienced grape growers in regions of California and Washington, Andy quickly became a household name in the Texas wine community.

In 2010, Andrew married his college sweetheart, Callie. Her father, Troy Ottmers, is a well-known staple in the Fredericksburg community. Troy is a 6th generation Fredericksburg native whose ancestors were among the settlers who founded the city in 1846. The Ottmers name is mostly known around the Hill Country because of Ottmers Oil, a family company that Troy’s grandfather purchased in 1936. Troy retired from the oil and gas business in 2009, but kept the property for its family history and the dedicated coffee group who have met in the office every morning for more than a decade. Being retired was never easy for Troy and after only a few years of being out of the working world, he was ready for a new venture. Knowing his father-in-law’s growing ambition to go back into business, Andrew offered the perfect opportunity. Troy was already a board member of the Texas Center for Wine and Culinary Arts and had interest in the growth of the Hill Country wine industry. One meeting between Andrew, Andy and Troy and the Lost Draw Cellars brand was born.

Andy’s willingness to break the mold in vineyard development across the High Plains led to him becoming the largest grape farmer in Texas. In the spring of 2014, Lost Draw Vineyards expanded and made Texas history. Andy now owns and manages 500 acres, producing over 30 varieties. In the summer, construction began on the Lost Draw Cellars tasting room in Fredericksburg, TX. Opening this week, the tasting room resides in the heart of Fredericksburg where the Ottmers family business was originally established.Lost Draw Cellars 3

The entire Lost Draw team looks forward to welcoming you this Friday, November 21st when they open their tasting room. And they will continue to strive to produce the highest quality wine that Texas has to offer in the months and years to come. Be sure to stop by and meet Troy, Andrew, Andy and their entire team! Their tasting room is conveniently located a few blocks off of Main Street and they offer wine tastings and wine by the glass or bottle. Plus, join them for Happy Hour Wed-Fri from 3-6pm and enjoy featured wines for $5 a glass!

Lost Draw Cellars 1

Plus, if you like their website, branding and design, be sure to take a look at Jenn Sprinkle Design for more!


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