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900lbs of creative | Sports Film Shoot {Dallas}

June 13, 2012

900lbs of creative is a team of amazing professionals who’s focus is to combine creativity and imagination with exceptional talent and technical knowledge to develop impactful video, animation, motion graphics, web development and graphic design. They operate on the philosophy that inspiration from the collaborative partnerships they form with their clients, allows for outstanding visions realized across multiple media.

Their work is just that. Steve and Josh bring the direction, creativity and drive behind 900lbs and are able to collaborate with creatives on all angles to bring to life their projects. If you are ever in need of developing a professional and creative video call these guys. They are fabulous to work with and know how to do their work well. It’s a privilege to partner with these guys, meet their teams and produce work for them!

A few weeks ago we were all able to collaborate on a projects involving professional athletes in the Dallas area. They impressive crew worked tirelessly for days to create and perfect the studio that they would be bringing these athletes into for video and audio capturing. Here are a handful of the still images from the day and the behind the scenes from the incredible work Josh and Steve and their team were able to do! Congrats 900lbs, this is a fabulous project! Thank you for allowing me to come into your world for a day, I love getting to work with you guys! Thanks to this wonderful team who made the day’s work so great!  

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