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FOTO | Behind the Scenes

July 24, 2012

You may remember my post a few months back about FOTOstrap, a business founded by Katie Norris and associate Brooke Moore to benefit Fotolanthropy. “Fotolanthropy is a giving-based organization that captures the real stories of real people to bring about real inspiration.  We do this through professional photography to capture inspiring true stories. Fotolanthropy is funded by FOTOSTRAP. FOTOstrap is a fashionable camera strap for any photographer and FOTO generously donates a portion of its sales to Fotolanthropy allowing us to give more to our Fotolanthropy families.

Well, thanks to the amazingly talented Jonathan Link Studios, this Behind the Scenes footage was just release to see what went into the day and into the shoot we produced. Big thanks again to our models, artists and stylists who came together in order to produce the FOTOstraps that you are now able to purchase!!

If you missed the first post on Fotolanthropy, check it out here! To watch the Behind the Scenes video, click here.

Side note : I just got my FOTOstrap in the mail today, it’s amazing. Please grab one for yourself and check out the FOTOstrap store today!

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