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Vintage | Jarma

March 5, 2013


I was fortunate enough to photograph for the talented Holly Jarma of Vintage | Jarma  last week. Her brand is an eclectic, hand-picked line up of vintage pieces ranging from clothes, to handbags, to scarves, to purses, to shoes and jewelry! Her online store is about to launch, but in the meantime, here is a taste of what she’ll be offering! Be sure to check out soon to see her products! JarmaVintage{ClaireMcCormackPhotography2013}-4270

JarmaVintage{ClaireMcCormackPhotography2013}-4386 JarmaVintage{ClaireMcCormackPhotography2013}-4293JarmaVintage{ClaireMcCormackPhotography2013}-4227 JarmaVintage{ClaireMcCormackPhotography2013}-3869 JarmaVintage{ClaireMcCormackPhotography2013}-4095 JarmaVintage{ClaireMcCormackPhotography2013}-4151 JarmaVintage{ClaireMcCormackPhotography2013}-4178 JarmaVintage{ClaireMcCormackPhotography2013}-3839 JarmaVintage{ClaireMcCormackPhotography2013}-3730 JarmaVintage{ClaireMcCormackPhotography2013}-3703 JarmaVintage{ClaireMcCormackPhotography2013}-3598JarmaVintage{ClaireMcCormackPhotography2013}-3495

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  1. emma permalink
    March 16, 2013 2:24 pm

    I love the dresses, the fabrics and the colors. It immediately caught my attention since I work as a fashion designer and I spend a lot of time in fabric stores and the one I only recently discovered here in my native Toronto called King Textiles offers the world’s finest fabrics I’ve ever seen. I can only recommend it to everyone who likes sewing their own pieces of clothing, decorations and other similar stuff. Looking at your photos I have to say the combination of colors is impressive and it’s definitely a great source of inspiration for me as a designer. 🙂

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