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Austin Food & Wine Festival | Taste of Texas Kickoff + Whiskey Shivers and Delta Spirit

April 30, 2013


Chefs and winemakers from across the country came together this past weekend to celebrate and showcase their talent and tasty bites at the Austin Food & Wine Festival. The festival marked it’s second annual year in Austin with events, live music, cooking demo’s and tastings. The festival prides itself in bringing the best from the culinary world together for a celebration of food and culture, friendly competition and mingling of talent.

Friday night kicked off the weekend with the Taste of Texas, a celebrated event, bringing twenty chefs from across the state together to cater to the crowds at Republic Park in downtown Austin. Live music by Whiskey Shivers and Delta Spirit played for the crowds as people enjoyed the weather, the wine, the bites and the celebration.

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Claire McCormack Photography 2013 for DuJour Magazine 

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