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Allen Stone + Rock Your Taco | Austin Food & Wine Festival

May 1, 2013

AFWFest-RockYourTaco{ClaireMcCormackPhotography2013}-0090AFWFest-RockYourTaco{ClaireMcCormackPhotography2013}-9933The Austin Food & Wine Festival hosted the Rock Your Taco competition Saturday night. Thirteen top chefs gathered at Republic Square Park to go head to head in a culinary showdown that put the official food of Austin — the taco — front and center. From yucca shells to asparagus-toppers, these thirteen chefs delivered a range of tacos unlikely to be found on menus anywhere. Chef Tyson Cole and his team from Uchi once again took the crown for top taco, and Cole couldn’t help put show a bit of emotion over his victory. The esteemed panel of judges, including ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, had a clear favorite in Uchi and Co., but from a crowd perspective, there were plenty of winners in the group.

To top it all off, the very talented Allen Stone performed for the crowd throughout the night and put on an incredible performance! Enjoy the images!

AFWFest-RockYourTaco{ClaireMcCormackPhotography2013}-0029AFWFest-RockYourTaco{ClaireMcCormackPhotography2013}-0072 AFWFest-RockYourTaco{ClaireMcCormackPhotography2013}-9926AFWFest-RockYourTaco{ClaireMcCormackPhotography2013}-9940AFWFest-RockYourTaco{ClaireMcCormackPhotography2013}-0049

AFWFest-RockYourTaco{ClaireMcCormackPhotography2013}-9970 AFWFest-RockYourTaco{ClaireMcCormackPhotography2013}-9997Claire McCormack Photography 2013


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