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Foreign & Domestic :: Austin

May 9, 2013


Foreign & Domestic, a 47-seat restaurant in Austin, co-owned by Chef Ned Elliott and Pastry Chef Jodi Elliott, has become a neighborhood favorite for expertly prepared food at reasonable prices. We got the chance to sit down and talk with Ned over the Austin Food & Wine Festival weekend! Enjoy some images and enjoy the details on their talent!

Chef Ned Elliott grew up gardening in a home where food played an integral role in daily life. Ned was raised by two women, his mothers Sandra and Linda, who shared their love of gardening, cooking and baking with him. Sandra the cook, taught Ned about the importance of fresh ingredients. From Linda, the baker, Ned learned patience. Both taught him that life should be about continuous learning, a philosophy that was reinforced by Chef Ducasse and his mentor Chef Doug Psaltis.

“My mantra is attention to detail,” says Elliott. “Chef Psaltis instilled this in me and it is an important part of how we define Foreign & Domestic.” It was at the Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park in 1999 that Ned met Jodi. Eager to further his career outside of his schooling, Ned left the CIA and began staging at various restaurants in New York City and eventually landed a job at Tabla Restaurant. He continued building an impressive resume as he worked for such prestigious New York restaurants as the Essex House under Chef Alain Ducasse, Picholine, Country and on the opening team at Thomas Keller’s Per Se.

Pastry Chef Jodi Elliott’s love of baking developed at an early age in the kitchen with her Grandmother, “Meme.” A picky eater, but a sweets lover, Jodi enjoyed the playfulness and nostalgia that went along with baking. With the encouragement of her mother, she started her pastry career at age 16 at a local café in San Antonio, TX. Jodi comments, “I was lucky to find my passion early on even before I knew what a pastry chef was.”

Following her high school graduation, Jodi attended the Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park where she met Ned. While earning her culinary degree, Jodi worked at Gramercy Tavern under highly-acclaimed Pastry Chef Claudia Fleming. After graduating from the CIA in 2001, Jodi moved to London and took a position at the Savoy Hotel. After a year in London, she returned to New York in 2002 and continued her culinary career at such heralded restaurants as Bouley, Thomas Keller’s Per Se, Peacock Alley in the Waldorf Astoria and Michael Symon’s Parea. It was during Jodi’s time as the Pastry Chef at Parea that the restaurant earned a two-star review from the New York Times.

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