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Village Baking Co. & Clint Cooper || Dallas, Texas

July 8, 2013

French Boulangerie Opens in the Heart of Dallas.

Last week I posted an editorial story on The Spoon Feeds {a national food blog featuring restaurtans, chefs and food stories in cities across America} here. But in case you missed the feature, I’d love to introduce you to your next favorite little bakery in Dallas :: Village Baking Co.! {Oh the thought it it makes me happy!}

Village Baking Co. was a dream of Clint & Kim Cooper’s in San Francisco a decade ago. With the completion of baking school and the hope to bring a classic French Boulangerie to Texas, Kim & Clint moved to Dallas and began baking breads and pastries. For the last eight years they have been providing local Farmers Markets and Dallas restaurants with fresh baked breads and pastries.

Last fall, Village Baking Co. opened it’s doors, it’s kitchen, and it’s front patio as a retail location accessible to locals- as a place to come together, enjoy fresh pastries and coffee, and a way for the Cooper’s to get to know their community.

Clint and Kim’s core value has remained the focus since the beginning for  Village Baking Co:   to bring French style baking to Dallas and educating people about quality bread. Clint is committed to using the freshest, local ingredients, while avoiding all chemicals and preservatives in everything he makes. His eggs, butter and natural yeast starter is all locally sourced. In fact Clint uses natural yeast that he himself cultivated and grew in California over nine years ago. While the breads consistency, texture, flavors and look change daily due to the weather and ingredients used, one thing remains the same daily, and that is the quality of the bread, plus the amazing taste, smell and experience that occur each time you step into the Village Baking Co.

Dallas, Bakery, Bread, Croissants Dallas, Bakery, Bread, Croissants

On any given day, Village Baking Co provides 10 different pastries and 6 fresh breads, and on the weekend those numbers almost double. This year they are now selling breads at 10 different local farmers markets in the DFW metroplex on Saturdays and their retail space is open 7 days a week from 7:30am to 3pm.

Dallas, Bakery, Bread, Croissants Dallas, Bakery, Bread, Croissants

Clint and Kim’s dream of being the local French boulangerie in Dallas is a reality. Village Baking Co. has already become a favorite in the community. And if you really want to know my favorite:  it’s the Meyer Lemon + Rosemary loaf. It’s amazing. Take it to your next dinner party, you won’t be sorry! Enjoy!!

Dallas, Bakery, Bread, Croissants

Village Baking Co. || 5531 E. University Blvd|| Dallas, TX 75206|| 214.951.9077

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