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Velvet Taco {Dallas, Texas}

July 9, 2013

Come Early, Eat Late at Velvet Taco : Serving Fresh Tacos, Street Corn, & Cold Beers to Dallas

A few weeks ago I was able to sit down with John Franke and Josh Garcia at Velvet Taco. Josh and John are some of the amazing talent that runs this incredibly delicious taco join off Dallas’s trendy Knox Henderson neighborhood.

Lunch at Velvet Taco is one crazy, wonderful thing. Prepare yourself for the line out the door, wrapping around the old diner looking building, around the cactus, and into the parking lot. For real. Luckily, Velvet Taco knows this rush, this crowd and the speed to match it! And this, accompanying the food, is what keeps the businessmen, neighboring creatives and urban eaters from being scared… and coming back! 

Dallas, TacoDallas, Taco

And then there is late night at Velvet Taco, which is a whole other thing. Josh, head chef, along with John, operating manager, know a thing or two about late night diners. Come 2 am, those long lines will feel identical to the noon lines. Except this time, they will be filled with concert junkies, college bar hoppers and those with late night munchies.

Dallas, Taco Dallas, Taco

You’ll thank me (if you haven’t been going already!) but be sure to stop in for great food and people watching alike! The fresh taco’s, the cold local beers, and the hot street corn are just a few of the things that keep people coming back. Trust me. And enjoy this sneak peek from the shoot!

Dallas, Taco Dallas, Taco Dallas, Taco

Velvet Taco || 3012 N Henderson Ave || Dallas, TX 75206 || 214-823-8358

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