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Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop in Austin, Texas

July 12, 2013

Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop, Keeping Austin Sweet

A few weeks ago I was in Austin photographing Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop, a fabulous bakery known for keeping Austin sweet. It’s a sugar lover paradise, a hipster’s heaven, and a true South Austin staple. With it’s bright colored benches lining the eclectic street out front, it’s tiled floors bringing to life the bakery floor  and 1950′s appeal & charm, Sugar Mama’s is as much of a treat for the eyes as it is for the mouth and the nose. 

Owner Olivia O’Neal and her wonderful team are friendly and knowledgeable , offering service from the moment you walk in the door. Don’t be scared by a long line out the door – their cupcakes, whoopie-pies, cookies and more are worth the wait. Amidst all of the tempting, exotic pastries, the employee behind the counter, I would highly recommended the Cinnamon Carrot Cake cupcake … after all, it did win first place in ‘Sugar Mama’s Carrot Cake Contest’. Clearly an easy choice in my book. (I mean, I did have carrot cake at my wedding!)

This pastry is moist and heavy thanks to its golden raisins, Texas pecans, pineapple, organic carrots, and vanilla cream cheese frosting. However, I understand if vegetables in your cake aren’t your first choice (I have many friends who would squish their noses at that thought!), SO, another fabulous standout is the Black and Tan cupcake. It will be easy to make a toast with this baked good as it is composed with Guinness Stout and Irish Cream liqueur.

whoopie pie, apple pietshits, cake

cupcakes, cookies, austin

Sugar Mama cares for all it’s patrons, and so for those with allergies and alternative diets as well, so they have created an extensive menu for vegans. The Cookie Sandwich is a double-vegan-whammy with vegan buttercream frosting cradled between two dark, incredibly moist, chocolate chip vegan cookies. {Vegan Cookies!!!}

 Luckily for the others, just as Sugar Mama values its vegan clientele, they also cater to their sugar addicts. So don’t worry. You can get your gluten loaded, sugar loaded, dairy loaded and chocolate loaded treats as well! The most creative menu item is The Frosting Shot, a small cup filled with different flavors of sweet icing. Yes, please.

Needless to say, Olivia and her team are dedicated to serving up fantastic treats for all kinds of sugar lovers (and vegan lovers). Be sure to stop into their South First bakery in Austin and enjoy the amazing items they have! Enjoy!

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To enjoy the feature on The Spoon Feeds, visit here!

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Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop || 1905 S 1st St Suite A  || Austin, TX 78704 || 512-448-3727

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