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Home Slice Pizza | Austin, Texas

July 25, 2013

Home Slice Pizza Serving Authentic New York style Pizza to Austinites.

Home Slice Pizza on South Congress is the delicious & creative brainchild of three great friends — married couple Jen & Joseph Stickland and their business partner, Terri Hannifin. Their passion for quality food, hospitality and entertaining came to life based on the original, unfailing goodness of authentic New York style pizza.

The mission of Home Slice Pizza is as rich, heartfelt, authentic and true today as it was when they opened their doors in 2005. Their pizza family and founders believe that the quality and integrity of pizza is not limited to the food itself and the ingredients used, but that it is influenced, molded and created by the hands, the life, the passion of those making it. This belief and model of operation is how they were able to grow their small idea and make it the roaring success that it is in Austin, and a model their Home Slice family of over 100 employees can believe in. This team of cooks, managers, and service is what bring the heart, soul and love to the company that is Home Slice Austin to the people of Austin. Jen would note that it’s about the people first, and the pizza second. No compromises.

Austin, Texas, Pizza, Home Slice

The team of Home Slice looks like this ::

Jen Strickland is the “recipe creator/developer and food and quality controller” of Home Slice. She was the former food editor of the Austin Chronicle and former editor of the Texas Monthly website and had over a decade of experience covering the Austin restaurant scene. While owning her own restaurant never something she imagined doing she does have an Italian-Amherican background and hails from a family of small business owners in upstate New York. And with the four years she spent in New York City for college (where she met Terri), her craving for quality, Italian pizza was met and only inspired her dream to bring that to Austin. So she had a background that formed the foundation of her passion for great pizza.

Joseph Strickland is the “business partner and strategic developer” of Home Slice. His entrepreneur heart never had his sights set on being an restaurant owner, but as his wife was creating recipes for friends and finding success in making New York style pizzas at home, he decided to create a business plan for their idea. Fast forward to today, Home Slice is incredibly successful and Joseph still draws his inspiration from the customers and employees that walk through the doors. His heart as an entrepreneur is fueled by the simply joy and happiness that people find at Home Slice. Whether it’s in the great food or even better service, Joseph would say that “running a business like Home Slice isn’t all that different from any all consuming artistic endeavor; it simply requires dedication, creativity, humility, and of course a sense of humor.”

Terri Hannifin is the “operations and management developer” of Home Slice. Terri grew up in Denver working in the restaurant industry. Very young she realized how much she loved working in the hospitality industry and what an art  it was to make people happy with great food and friendly service. Her passion and dedication to the hospitality industry is what launched her career in managing, opening, and consulting for restaurants for the last 15 years. She was consulting with longtime friends, Joseph & Jen on this idea of Home Slice when she took the opportunity to partner with them, make this idea a reality, move to Texas and open up a New York style Pizzeria.

While they all three share unconventional business theories, they are all passionate to” create a fun neighborhood joint where people could get quality New York style pizza, all the while, create a sustainable business that could support all the creative ventures that they may be inspired to pursue.”

Austin, Texas, Pizza, Home Slice

All three would say, without apologies, that life is too short to not enjoy the work you do. And so, with a lot of hard work, but with great joy, they launched Home Slice Pizza nearly 8 years ago and have poured their love and commitment into it every day since. My time with Jen and her team was truly a remarkable experience to hear their story and meet their family of employees and learn more about this place Austinites love so much!

The menu (the heart and the soul of Home Slice) has stayed the same since that day the conceived the idea. And this summer the family at Home Slice decided to add something new with the launch of the Sicilian style Pizza on Monday’s. A handcrafted square cut pizza, made with a unique dough and served in a unique slice.

Austin, Texas, Pizza, Home Slice

The handful of images here are only a selection of the images that show the heart and soul of Home Slice- from the food, to the people, to the environment. For your own good, stop by, meet their team and indulge in Austin’s New York style pizzeria. You will be glad. You will be full when you leave. Trust me…

And when you leave, Jen, Joseph, Terri and the entire Home Slice family would all hope you felt loved well when you walked in their doors, that their team invested in your experience and that they made the world a better place while you were there. Phil Korshak, one of their original family members and employees, closed our meeting in saying, “Our goal is that your experience and food wouldn’t be good. Not even great. But that it would be awesome. Every time. We are known for authentic food done the old school way. Food made with love. But our focus is to make people’s day better than when they came in. Everyone who works here is thrilled to serve you. Our passion is hospitality.”

 Home Slice Pizza  | 1415 South Congress | Austin, TX 78704 |512-444.PIES

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