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Third of July || Fredericksburg, Texas {personal}

July 27, 2013

I grew up in a small town in the Texas Hill Country. It’s a joy to to me that I get to call Fredericksburg home. To have grown up in this town was a special thing and remains a huge part of who I am; the artist I am; and the inspirations I find in life. The people, the culture and the traditions of this town have made me who I am. To return home is always a sweet celebration. Every summer my husband and I will find ourself around the Hill Country enjoying family, friends, good meals, shared laughter, time at the lake and new memories are

But one of my favorite celebrations is the Fourth of July in Fredericksburg. My mind races to recount the fabulous brunches, the parade down main street, the concert in the park, the old plane fly overs, the unique, small town charm, and on to my favorites parts of the day- the competitive games of watermelon football our family and friends play every year, and the thriving, hopeful and eager celebration of our country. It is something I look forward to every year and love celebrating!

My adventurous, spirited father teams up with some incredible party throwers to celebrate the Third of July. In epic ways. Each year. This party always kicks off the Fourth of July celebrations with incredible food, amazing handcrafted cocktails, beautiful decorations and wonderful people. It’s one of my favorite parties of the year and always a fabulous night at a place I love and cherish.

While I don’t get home often enough, when we do, it’s always a well-celebrated time. Enjoy this personal snapshot at what our summer celebrations have looked like and enjoy! -claire

F 4th of July, Fredericksburg, Texas, Celebration 4th of July, Fredericksburg, Texas, Celebration4th of July, Fredericksburg, Texas, Celebration 4th of July, Fredericksburg, Texas, Celebration

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