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Mr. & Mrs. H Guide || Hospitality, Travel, Leisure

November 12, 2013

Last week I was so humbled & honored to be interviewed &  featured by the mr.&mrs.h guide, a boutique leisure, travel and hospitality consulting firm. Not only are they an amazing talented team in what they do {think stunning words, beautiful photography, great eye for detail} but they are incredibly wonderful friends and people!

mr.&mrs.h are a husband & wife hospitality consulting team. They believe in the beauty and gift of hospitality & travel – and the way these two things bring people into a place creativity, rest and reconnection. With their mission, they have devoted themselves to collaborating with innovative hotels and restaurants in making their dreams become realities. 

After getting married in 2010, they decided to leave their “normal” (be it jobs, home, family etc.) and follow their dreams and passions. That took them to Northern California and then to Tennessee, where they were able to learn first hand the art of hospitality at Blackberry Farm. {What a place to learn that art!} From there they began the adventure of mr.&mrs.h
Through their work, they are afforded the opportunity to experience remarkable organizations, cities, and people; and, like any helpful friend, they like to share those travel tips with you, their reader. Their blog, the mr.&mrs.h guide, was born out of the desire to do just that. And they are incredibly talented at sharing their journey and their passion. I hope their blog and their mission inspires you the way it has for me and gives you ideas about where to eat, sleep, and play across the world. And of course, I hope it entertains you and gives you a window into the lives of two dreamers following their dreams. Thank you mr.&mrs.h for your incredibly humbling, thoughtful & kind interview and story- I’m honored to be among your chosen!!
Here’s a sneak peek of the story, click the image for the full story over at mr.&mrs.h guide! Thank you all! Enjoy!  

Mr. & Mrs. H - Feature of Claire McCormack Photography

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