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The Second Floor Restaurant : The Westin Dallas

June 16, 2015

Thank you to The Westin Dallas’s The Second Floor Restaurant for letting me stop by a few weeks ago for a fun food photoshoot! They partnered with Travelzoo for an upcoming release of a great dinner & brunch special. Enjoy these sneak peeks of the space and food! Thank you again to the whole team of chefs and servers for your help and execution of beautiful dishes and company! Thanks! Westin Dallas CLAIRE MCCORMACK PHOTOGRAPHY-8310 Westin Dallas CLAIRE MCCORMACK PHOTOGRAPHY-8313 Westin Dallas CLAIRE MCCORMACK PHOTOGRAPHY-8424Westin Dallas CLAIRE MCCORMACK PHOTOGRAPHY-8316 Westin Dallas CLAIRE MCCORMACK PHOTOGRAPHY-8318 Westin Dallas CLAIRE MCCORMACK PHOTOGRAPHY-8462

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