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Uber Eats {Austin}

March 24, 2016

UnitDPizzeria-Hero_7750I’ve had the pleasure of working with Uber Eats in Austin the last few months in preparation for the launch of their new app that is being released to the public today! I’ve loved meeting all of the great restaurants around town that are partnering with the delivery service for fast, fresh, affordable food! If you’re in central Austin and love good food delivered in under 10 minutes, check out the new Uber Eats app! Thanks to the multitude of amazing restaurants in town that allowed me into their spaces and gave me their time! Looking forward to getting to dine with you each soon! In the meantime, enjoy this sneak peek of what’s to come!

Ms.P's_Hero7336Chango's-DelMarTacoGrilled_7473Chi'Lantro-KimchiFrieswithAvocado_7385DailyJuice-Juices_8197Jacoby's-PimentoCheese_7906Jacoby's-HERO_8014Manuel's-EnsaladaConPollo_7567Ms.P's _ChickenTenderloinTaco7265HousePizzeria-HERO_8355StilesSwitchBBQ-7820StilesSwitchBBQ-7826UnitDPizzeria-KalePizza_7740

Thanks to Austin restaurants : Jacoby’s, Unit D Pizzeria, Manueals, Changos, Ms. P’s Electric Cock, House Pizzeria, Chi’Lantro’s, Southside Flying Pizza, Stiles Switch BBQ & Daily Juice!

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