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Sadler’s BBQ

February 7, 2017

It’s good to be blogging again! Between moving to Austin and having a baby last year, life has been busy, but I’m thrilled to fill this page with some great photos and recognize some talented people more this year!


I had the pleasure of photographing for Sadler’s BBQ at the end of January. Since 1948,the Sadler family has been bringing the authentic pit-smoked flavors that originated with family, tradition, and the hope of future. What started as a family owned smokehouse has now evolved into a wholesale foodservice business and spread their authentic-tasting barbecue onto the shelves of stores across the country.

The very talented Austin food stylist, Tina Bell Stamos, worked on this project with me. I can’t say enough good things about Tina- her easy demeanor, her knowledge of the food industry and styling, and her kindness and accessibility was all SUCH a pleasure to work alongside! Thank you Tina for your beautiful work- you make my job truly enjoyable!

And lastly, Tarica and the team at Kettle & Brine – thank you for all the beautiful props we got to use for this shoot! The ceramics, linens and all we’re so beautiful! “Born out of a love for good food and great design, Kettle & Brine was launched out of our desire to live more thoughtfully through the objects that we chose to surround ourselves with on a daily basis. Our spirit is best captured by our name. The kettle represents the utilitarian accessories, while the brine stands for the extra little efforts that go a long way into making a meal great.” Be sure to stop by and enjoy this great Austin store!

Thank you to the team at Sadler’s BBQ, Tina and Kettle & Brine, what a fun shoot this was! I hope you enjoy these images! sadlersbbq_clairemccormackphotography-1834sadlersbbq_clairemccormackphotography-1880sadlersbbq_clairemccormackphotography-1980sadlersbbq_clairemccormackphotography-1889sadlersbbq_clairemccormackphotography-1979sadlersbbq_clairemccormackphotography-1796sadlersbbq_clairemccormackphotography-1929sadlersbbq_clairemccormackphotography-1958sadlersbbq_clairemccormackphotography-2018

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